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We Are Summairu

‘Summairu’, a Tamil word used by an Indian sage, Ramana Marharshi, means ‘just be’ or ‘just being’, which we totally resonate with. 

We are entrepreneurs too and hence, we know that building and growing a business is no easy feat lest making it profitable, sustainable and legal. Often we see businesses excel in either one or two of the areas but hardly all. The struggles are largely due to the lack of having the right people on their team – people who are genuinely interested to learn about their business, helping them to reach their goals legally and seeing them thrive for all.

Simply and typically, in-house legal counsel is a lawyer that works as an employee inside a company (not a law firm). With our in-house legal counsel as a service (LCaaS), Summairu work like your own in-house legal counsel or legal department but as an outsourced service. We do so by developing a deep understanding of your business and provide LCaaS when you need them and as you need them, helping you to grow from where you are to where you can be profitably, sustainably and legally

When you have your legal affairs in order, it will send a message to all stakeholders of your business that you take your legal obligations seriously and understand the risks around commercial propositions, and that increases their confidence when dealing with you or investing in your business. We notice that our clients have also become more confidence and empowered as a result.

We love learning about your Business

  • Both tangible and intangible:
  • Vision, mission and goals
  • You
  • Partners & investors
  • Team members
  • Clients
  • Suppliers, sponsors and other parties

We do the groundwork and heavy lifting

  • Depending on your needs, we can:
  • Draft and review legal documents
  • Advise & strategise
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Review legal processes

We Value Long Term Relationship

  • We appreciate from the start:
  • Listen
  • Communicate with respect, transparency and integrity and is fundamental.
  • ****.

We Keep It Honest And Simple

  • ***:
  • Layman terms.
  • We tell you as it is - what works, what doesn't, we don't know etc.

Your Growth and Success. Our Mission.

How Do We Make That Happen?

By combining the solutions within our LCaaS and our attributes shown on the left.

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Vinnie wee

Founder & Lawyer

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Yasmine Maouli

IT & Personal Assistant

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